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                            Karen (my wife) and I started this Misfit thing because so many people have tried to talk us into becoming Ham Operators and leaving the 11 meter band. Now I have entertained the thought but Karen has never wanted to venture from C.B. and really all our friends are on the C.B. Some of the Misfits are Ham Operators as well as plain ole CBer's but we don't hold that against them. When some of our friends heard we were referring to ourselves as the local Misfits they also wanted to be assigned numbers and so on and so on. Now we are trying to recruit International Misfit block controllers in every state and country, which cost nothing but a little time to issue numbers and email them to Karen or I as seen on the roster link so we can update the roster. As for the Web page, this was something I wanted to see if I could do, so I borrowed some software from Gary (Misfit 11) and started putting the web page together. I had limited success and wanted to get more done, so I gave on the hard way and found a program that is easier. So now I am looking for ideas for the page, like links etc. Karen and I will always be working on it to make it better. I can't take all the credit for the work done or the contents. I was given help by my wife Karen (Misfit 2), Vic (Misfit 8) and Tracy (Misfit 412) to get the web up and running, not to mention the typing done by Karen so I could get it done in this decade. But like I said, we are open to any and all suggestions from you on how we can make our website a more fun place to visit, just don't hesitate to email us with your suggestions. Also we want to let everyone know that some of the Misfits have asked us to move our call channel from channel 39 LSB (27.3950) to a higher frequency because of the heavy traffic on 39 now, so now you can find all the International Misfits on channel 50 LSB (27.5050).

73's, IntMisfit # 1 - Bob