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Favorite Links

US Maps: Route Planner

Ebay Auctions

Kelly Blue Book

Juno: Free Email Address

United Parcel Service

The California Lottery

 Joe Cartoon

Comp USA


J.C. Whitney


Web Truck Stop

ABC Monday Night Online

CNN News Interactive

California Highway Patrol

 123 Electronic Greeting Cards  Oh My Goodness Cards  The Musical Cardshop
 Blue Mountain Greeting Cards National Weather Service  Test Test Test
 How to Drive Like a Moron  The Amazing Jokes Barn

Americas Most Wanted

Loonie Bin of Jokes  Welcome to Winfiles  The Easily Amused
Sandbox United States Copyright Office The Internet Movie Database
Top Genealogy Sites Freebies Planet Ask Jeeves
Hometime Home Improvement Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Martha Stewart Living
Romantic,Inspirational,& Humor  Survivors TV Show Big Brother TV Show